Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We have windows!

And they are so pretty! I love them, they are exactly what I was picturing in my head for months. And the whole time I was hoping they would turn out how I was thinking they would, but you just never know. But they did! I seriously clapped my hands a dozen times that day.

Kyle had lots of help and was able to get all the windows installed in just a day. Though the slider did not...because he was told the slider would not have a "flange" piece (sp) and well it did. And he had already poured the concrete now the door can't be install. Options: 1) cut the piece off; 2) get a concrete cutter and cut the piece out. Kyle is going to option 2.

So everything is looking more and more real. I keep joking that its nearly move in ready. But secretly I am not joking too much...I'm ready!

Next up: Electrical. Kyle has begun installing our 80 can lights! The electrician will be out this week to start hooking up the outlets and light switches

This is the side of the house, the kids wing. That little window is the in the kids toilet room. With one window on this side, it makes it look a little bare. I hope to dress it up with plants.

 This is the back of the house. From L to R the windows are the 1) window above tub in master bath; 2) Master bdrm windows; 3) Dining room windows; 4) Peytons room.  We opted for no grids on the back windows, more $$$ and I'd rather that expense be saved for the front of the house. 
This is the other side of the house. That window is the side of the bonus room. The hole in the wall is the "man" door to the garage/mechanical room. It'll be filled in later. 

Obviously this is the front of the house and my most favorite view! 

And this is the garage and the bonus room windows above. 

Next up is the installation of all the can lights!

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