Thursday, March 26, 2015

Decision: Wood stove and fireplace

For the past two weeks Kyle and I have been trying to choose which wood stove and type we want for the new house. Being residents of the PNW we like our wood stoves and the way they can heat our homes. Especially when we loose power during a wind or snow storm. We had a wood stove in our last home and loved it.

This time around, thanks to good 'ol pintrest I have some ideas how I want this whole area to look. I like the look of a traditional fireplace, but with a wood stove inside. We at first thought to just do a wood insert stove. But the problem is, if something broke (pipe) or the stove just needed replacing (they tend to need that every 15+ years so Kyle says), any stone or tile work around it would have to be ripped out too to remove the stove or access pipe. Kyle gets a scrunchy face with that thought. So a freestanding stove seems easier all around.

The problem though is clearance, obviously you don't want the walls and such catching on fire. So you use "non-combustible" materials like brick and tile, etc. Also the opening has to be so high and so wide. All stoves have difference 'requirements'. For example, one stove said the height opening had to be 84" tall, that's like 7 feet tall, then a mantle and then the TV above that. Um, no that is ridiculous looking tall. We would all be at the chiropractor for neck issues. 

So we found a few stoves that allow us to have a lower height clearance and still achieve this look that we like. 

Ok, the fun part, here is the "look" I'm wanting with the opening 

So cute right?! Our ceilings are vaulted here and the fireplace area would be centered on the peak. And I love a good thick rustic mantle beam like this

I think I'd like to do the surround with some steel, and brick or tile on the inside like this

And these are my stove choices. Which do you like? Look wise of course, because that's what matters.

Decisions, Decisions, and more decisions. I do love it most of the time. 


  1. I like the third choice. We went with an insert which we can burn wood but will probably just go with the faux logs and gas. At this point in life, I find the idea of clicking a remote on and off to deal with a fire much more appealing :) We have a wood-burning stove and have used it so much at our current home. Have had problems, though, with smoking up the house (smell-wise) even with chimney cleaning. I don't like the thought of that happening in our new home. Growing up, we had a wood stove and it was our main heat source. Wonderful way to heat a home! When the power went off during ice storms, we always had heat and hot food cooked on the top.

  2. That is a clever furnace idea: a fireplace and wood stove in one! You are correct about using non-combustible materials. Aside from that, may I also suggest finding a place in your home for your stove-furnace hybrid to be placed reasonably far from other objects? I think fire-proofing it is in your best interest. Cheers!

    Brett Rogers @ Flame Furnace

  3. I honestly had no idea that wood stoves were still being made! Learn something new every day! So they really help keep your house warm? The entire house, or just the area closely surrounding the stove? This may be something worth looking into! We're surrounded by trees here, so getting the wood to keep it going wouldn't be hard at all.

    Carry Scanlon @ Chim Chimney

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