Budget Breakdown

Oh how I despise the B word. I think I need one of those clicker things for how many times in a day Kyle refers to it. I should tatoo it on him somewhere...  Anway, I'm trying to be good, and I have a nifty little excel spreadsheet I've created to help keep track of our "estimated" costs and what the actual costs end up being. Here I'll post what we've paid to date, to help future builders get an idea of costs when being your own GC and doing it as much as you can by yourself.

I think there are 2 misconceptions about building your own hose. 1) that it is super expensive and only extremely wealth can do it, so you think your only option is builder grade or track home. Building your own dream and custom home is obtainable. 2) Not know what the big costs are and not planning for them. The big costs happen in the beginning, like with framing, trusses and foundation work. Trusses and foundation were large on ours due to us having a 1 story home. More area to cover. Same with the roof. Obviously the smaller items can start to add up, especially in the finishes, this is where you shop sales, and really pick whats a must have and what's OK to upgrade later. The finishes can kill a budge, so Kyle keeps reminding me.

Now I will put in a disclaimer- Kyle is in the construction biz. He can do a lot himself. Or he "knows" a guy. I roll my eyes when he says that.

House Plan/Design: $0- drawn by kyle.
Engineered plans: not needed for one story house!
copies of plans: $200..and counting
Drainage design (geo-tech engineer, req. by county) $1023.00

Septic Permit: $1371
Review of Scoping report: $130
Bldg permits: $6853.50
Bldg permits review fee: $1918.96- you have to pay the people to review your plans!
Electrical permits: $258

Liberty Mutual construction insurance $673- Did you know you need this?! We didn't but luckily found out. So in there is property damage or theft from vandals. Or something horrible like it catches on fire when you are 90% done.

PHASE 1 FEES (Well, Septic, digout, clearing, etc)
Septic Design: $0- knows a guy... Kyle installs new septic system. So its a "back scratch"
Well drilling: $12,082.00 (Well drilled 220 ft)
Foundation: roughly $9,000 for concrete, materials and labor
Framing: roughly $35,000
Trusses: $20,000
concrete for porches and garage $1200
Roof $15,000

PHASE 2: ROUGH INS (plumbing, electrical, HVAC)
Plumbing roughly $9,000
Central Vacumn: $2,300
Windows: (incl. patio slider) $9,901.84 (25 windows)

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